Welcome to Haus Heidelberg!
In 1994, I came to the States about 2 years after finishing my Chef certification in Aachen, Germany to reopen Haus Heidelberg.

My goal is to serve you the same high quality classic authentic German cuisine that I learned to prepare in Germany.

I’ve chosen popular, down-to-earth dishes from the northwestern and southern part of the country Although I appreciate and have learned to cook nouveau cuisine, my main focus is serving plenty of good delicious food. Every time you are too full to order dessert, I feel my job is well done.

Today Haus Heidelberg is truly a family operated restaurant. With my sister Jeannette, my cousin Angelika, and my mother Edith tending to your every need in the dining room while I prepare you food in the kitchen, we strive to make every visit a memorable, positive experience.

Guten App├ętit
Helge Gresser & Family